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It all starts with an extraordinary idea – and the question of how to realize it. At the Berlin manufactory bau+art, we have always been dedicated to this task. With expert experience, traditional craftsmanship and the use of innovative technologies, we create craftsmanship for unique ideas.


You will find our fabrications in all areas, from single pieces of furniture to complex interior fittings. Shelves, libraries, built-in wardrobes and dressing rooms. Or your own home office.


Each of our kitchens is a personal unique piece. Your ideas are precisely coordinated in a planning session. Over 30 years of experience, an almost infinite variety of materials, and all proven brand-name appliances leave nothing to be desired.


Doors are functional furnishings that shape the walls. For this reason, we have further specialized here: With our own block frame door program DOOR52, or with special doors such as pivot doors or steel frame doors.


The change in the world of work affects all areas. More flexibility and the increasing importance of meeting and recreation are important issues. Whether office, hotel or practice, we support your success with our quality and will for innovation.

Craftsmanship for more than 30 years

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